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Chronic Law – Scars From War
Chronic Law – Scars From War

The logical Jamaican singer Chronic Law recently released “Scars From War,” another excellent song.

The dynamic singer and songwriter, who just released his song “Yo Have Me” at the beginning of this month, is back with “Scars From War.”

Chronic Law has had a tremendous year so far thanks to his dependability and steady presence in the mainstream.

Another Caribbean-inspired song by the vocalist is on the album “Scars From War.”

Last but not least, Droptop Records & Bronco produced the song.

Despite your best efforts to ignore this incredible music with its mind-blowing lyrics and sounds, you simply cannot resist it.

Quotable Lyrics;

Mi see karma taking away my real friends
Ye ye
To a place weh dem neva wah reach yeah
Know we do crime but fada guh easy
If me lose one more dawg
Mi hear aguh need help, mi bomboclaat bawl enuh
Dis a scars from war enuh, cyaal heal them cyaal stitch up

Listen and share your thought below:


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