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Bella dey smoke shisha?, Innocent Bella– Viral video of BBNaija stars at Rico Swavey’s tribute night stuns fans

Bella Okabgue of BBNaija level up is among the Nigerian celebs that attended the candlelight vigil for the late Rico Swavey and have drawn criticism for their actions.

After the performance, the former housemates and other Nigerian celebrities, including BBN show presenter Ebuka Obi-uchendu, proceeded to a neighboring venue to unwind and relax, according to a viral video.

The reality stars were seen dancing, enjoying themselves, and taking what seemed like shots of alcohol.

Bella was also observed “shisha-ing” while they all appeared to be having a good time.

The incident, however, didn’t sit well with internet users, who expressed outrage and expressed their shock in large numbers.

The following are some answers:

Na wa o. See in this life just know that if you go… life goes on

Blowing shisha in Rico’s remembrance? Mehn.. the audacity sha..
They r insensitive… fr Bella am not shocked cz normally she only cares about herself…but the
What’s????.. how can these people be this insensitive

They shouldn’t have allowed those who weren’t closed to him attend. If he doesn’t mean so much to you guys , then you all would have stayed at home . You can’t find Alex, Tobi, Nengi in this Mix.

You all better don’t insult any housemate here, you can’t tell people how to mourn, you don’t know their hearts, forget the smiles and laughter and drinks and smoke, life goes on.

Why is Bella and Sheggz smoking shisha together on that table, they should be quarreling. I don’t like this

Where were all these guys when he was alive?.. I understand those in the house with him and some other people that did business with him but what are all these ones wey just come out doing biko?


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