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BBNaija star Angel JB Smith has launched her first solo business.

The happy reality star gave her Instagram fans a preview of her future project on the platform.

The emotional podcast “Of blood, bones, and water” that Angel produced has made her a part of the podcasting community.

Angel Smith sobbed as she described her journey and said that it had taken a long time to arrive.

To God, her followers, and her mother, she dedicated the new effort.

“@ofbloodbonesandwater has been a long time coming. I put my tears into this, my prayers, my happiness, my anxiety, my love and honestly it’s so surreal that I’m looking at my first personal project. I don’t know how I did it, I’ll say everyone in clout Africa. I’ll say my mum, I’ll say God. So it’s with great pleasure I announce the birth of my podcast/talk show; I can’t wait to have the hard conversations with you all; I hope you enjoy seeing this side of me and hope you all enjoy this podcast as much as I did. I’m thankful. It’s your host Angel; of blood bones and water’”.


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