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Modadeoluwa, a six-year-old girl, drowned while taking swimming lessons at her school, Start-Rite Abuja. Her family is demanding that the institution be held accountable.

Modadeoluwa drowned on her birthday, according to a close source who shared a home with the child and her parents.

“Modadeoluwa marked her birthday with her parents present, 40 mins later they called them to inform them that their daughter is not breathing. Apparently, she was taking swimming classes and suddenly went breathless and passed out, she was rushed to the hospital at Cidercrest but couldn’t make it.” the source reveals

Another family member expressed their grief on Instagram, claiming that the tragic incident could have been avoided and, worse yet, that the management of the Start-Rite school is covering up the crime.

“At her school, Start Rite School in Abuja, my 6-year-old little cousin participated in a swim day. Naturally, the coach instructed her to swim as far as she could and then swim back; but, when she arrived, he repeatedly hurled her into the air at the shallow end of the pool, causing her to hit her head and suffer internal bleeding.

Even so, the trainer persisted in pushing her into the water so she could keep swimming. She placed her hands on her head when he later brought her out. Her hands fell and she fainted after a brief period.

When we arrived, we discovered she had been applying pressure at the emergency clinic after the school asked her parents to run over there because their child had suffered a minor injury. It’s possible that she passed away before getting to the emergency clinic.

We asked for CCTV. We discovered that they had altered the tape when it finally arrived. In addition to that, the executive of the school went to the emergency clinic and instructed them to withhold the clinical report from us until we threatened to have it withheld.

As of the time of this report, the management of the Start-Rite school has not responded to the accusations.

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